The harmonious arcades are late-Gothic, with simply profiled pillars and arches filled with triforia, of which there are twenty, five on each side. They are placed on a low wall, and divided by two pillars with trefoil and round openings at the top. The luxurious late ‘flowery-Gothic’ and Renaissance motifs of interwoven osiers give the space a picturesque harmony and rhythm. All the capitals of the triforia (apart from one with a figure of an angel) are finished off with an acanthus leaf. The vaults of the arcades, on the other hand, are decorated with deep reliefs of medallions with busts of Dominican Saints. The heads, hands and saintly attributes are shaped in full plasticity. It is rare to come across such a gallery of sculptures on the Croatian coast, where 24 sculptures of saints float in a line in the middle of the vaults of the arches as if holding them up. On one single pillar in the cloister there is a carved figure of an angel. It originates from the 15th century.

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