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Virgin with Saints

Tempera and gilt on wood. Left section 70 x 78 cm, middle section 171 x 78 cm, right section 170 x 78 cm. Dubrovnik ≈ 1500.

The middle section is dominated by the dignified and rather somnolent figure of the Virgin with the Child on her lap, with two angel’s heads on either side. She is gently encircling the bare leg of the Child with her right hand and supporting His back with her left arm. In her left hand she holds a lily. The Child’s right arm is raised in a gesture of blessing, while He holds a cross in his left. Below the Virgin’s feet there is a crescent, which symbolizes the Immaculate Conception. The left section of the triptych portrays Dubrovnik’s patron saint, St. Blaise. Next to him, there is a medieval figure of St. Paul. The right section of the triptych portrays St. Dominic with a model of the church in his hands. On his chest, there is a poorly painted picture of the sun that is the symbol of Thomas Aquinas. St. Augustine is standing next to him. The triptych comes from the Renaissance period, but there are certain discrepancies in its style. The conservative manner of painting is seen in the golden background, while the Renaissance is seen in the plasticity and liveliness of the figures, the classical composition and the use of perspective in the painted floors.

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