Imago Pietatis

Relief in stone, ≈ 1425.

The figures of Christ, the Virgin and St. John are placed in a finely-structured frame with three Gothic arcades and abundant decorations of trefoils and roses. The upper body of the dead Christ, who has a somnolent expression on His face, has risen from the sarcophagus. His hands are crossed and His palms are pierced. On His left, there is the Virgin, in three-quarter-face position, with her arms stretched out, and, on His right is St. John, also in three-quarter-face position, whose hair is short and curly and whose eyes are closed. The emotions on the figures’ faces are most exquisitely captured. Despite the inevitable pain in their expressions,there is a note of tranquillity and heavenly bliss. This manner of painting is typical of Italian and French fine art during the Middle Ages, which could point to the origins of the author of this relief. Until 1986, it was in the wall above the main entrance of the baroque Dominican church of St. Vincent Ferrer (Dubrovnik County).

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