Martyrdom of St. Vincent

Tempera and gilt on wood 54,5 x 103,5 cm. Dubrovnik, XVI. c

The martyrdom of St. Vincent is portrayed in several scenes. The middle scene is his martyrdom on a red-hot gridiron. Next to the saint there are the small figures of two torturers who are stoking the fire in front of Dacian, the ruler of the Hispanic province. On the left are depicted the walls of the cell, with bars on the windows, in which the saint was imprisoned before his torture. On the right, we see the saint’s body, thrown outside after his martyrdom, being defended from wolves by angels in the form of ravens. On the left, waves are carrying the saint’s body to the shore, where two Christians are waiting to give it a decent burial. Some of the icon’s elements are reminiscent of the triptych attributed to Franjo Matijin (a Dubrovnik artist) in St. Stephen’s Church in Sustjepan near Dubrovnik, who portrayed his figures in the Byzantine style with some Renaissance elements.

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