The Annunciation

Tempera on canvas 217 x 239 cm (including the predella and the frame). Dubrovnik, 1513.

The painting was commissioned by Marko Kolendić, a merchant and sailor from the island of Lopud, for the altar of The Annunciation in the Dominican monastery of St. Nicholas on Lopud. The figures of the Virgin and the Archangel Gabriel dominate the composition of the Annunciation, set in an open landscape. The vertical axis of the composition is framed by the figure of God the Father surrounded by angels, and underneath there is a vase of lilies. On the low balustrade of the terrace, behind the loggia, framed by a Renaissance doorway, there is a small picture of the meeting of the Virgin and Elizabeth. On the circular part of the Virgin’s prie-Dieu there is the following inscription: AN(N)O D(OMI)NI AD (DE) XVI. MARCII. MARCO. DE BIAGIO COLLENDICH PATRON DE NAVE FECC E FARE QVESTO ALTARE [A]LLO HONORE DEL ANNVINCIATA. The picture is signed: NICOLO RAGVSEO PINSE. There is a third inscription on the bottom: INSVLA TE MEDIA VIRGO QVIBVS POTEST LAVDIBVS EXTOLL( IT).

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