The Holy Conversation

Tempera and gilt on wood 204 x 200 cm, attic 92,5 x 222 cm. Dubrovnik, 1513.

The pall consists of a square main section with a triangular gable on top (tympan). On the main symmetrical section there is the figure of the Virgin sitting on a luxuriously decorated Renaissance throne. The blue sky and clouds emphasize the beauty of the Renaissance landscape and the dignity of the Virgin’s figure. There is an angel at either side of her feet. On the left there is St. Julian, with an eagle on his right hand, and St. James, carrying a book. On the right there is St. Dominic, with a book and a lily in his hands, and finally, there is the Apostle Matthew. In the bottom right corner there is a picture of the pall’s donor, Orsat Đurđević. The pall is chipped at the bottom, perhaps for the purpose of spreading some of the saint’s power elsewhere. After earthquake in 1667, it was transferred from the cathedral to the collection behind the chapter house. Apart from its artistic value, the painting carries a historical value because it portrays the artist’s break with the elements of medieval art and an acceptance of the Renaissance.

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