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The Holy Family

Oil on wood, Italy XVI c.

This tondo of refined lyricism is the work of the eminent Renaissance master, Lorenzo di Credi of Florence. He was a pupil of Andrea Verrocchi and a follower of Leonardo da Vinci. His style is redolent of the peace and happiness of family life. The Virgin with joined hands is in the vertical part of the tondo. Her head is bowed and she is looking down at her naked Child, who is lying down with His head turned towards St. John. St. John is stretching his right hand towards the Child and holding a cross in his left. On the Virgin’s right there is St. Joseph, who is looking anxious. There are motifs of landscapes and Renaissance architecture (with the characteristically emphasized perspectives) in the background. The emphasized chiaroscuro enhances the three-dimensional figures and the depth of the space.

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