Tempera on wood 190 x 230 cm. Dubrovnik, 1512.

The dignified figure of St. Nicholas dominates the middle section, in the depths of a Renaissance shell and on an eight-sided pedestal. There are stylised locks of hair on his otherwise bald head. His name, SANCTVS NICOLAVS, is inscribed on his round halo. In the left section, the figures of St. John the Baptist and St. Stephen the First Martyr are painted in a free and natural way, compared to the middle section, on a floor of squares in perspective. The Baptist is holding a tall slender cross in his bare right hand, and his right index finger is pointing to the middle of the retable on St. Stephen’s chest. His left hand is lowered and is holding a scroll which bears the words: ECC E AG[NVS] DEI QV[I TOLLIT] PEC[CATVM MVNDI]. Next to him there is the youthful figure of St. Stephen. He is holding a Gothic censer in his right hand and a palm branch, which is a symbol of suffering, in his left. There is a landscape in the background. In the right section of the triptych, there are the figures of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Mark the Evangelist. The aristocratic Dubrovnik family, Lukarević, commissioned this triptych in 1512, with pictures of the saints that bear the names of the family members.

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