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Museum - Chapter House

Virgin and Child

Tempera on wood, 125 x 96 cm. XVI. c.

Almost the entire surface of the painting is taken up by the figures of the Virgin, from the waist up, and the Child, who is gently pressing His face onto that of His mother. She is dressed in red, and the Child is wearing a white and blue tunic and a vermilion robe, below which His bare feet are visible. To either side of the Virgin, at the same level as her head, there are two angels sitting on stylized clouds. The upper icon is embedded in a larger image (“pala portante”) that was made in the early 17th century by Pasquale Ottino (1578 – 1630). It was made with typical saints’ faces with elevated glances. In particular, Antun opat was depicted in a highly quality manner. In the upper part there are the characters of St. Agnes and St. Ursula (St. Jelena Crusader). Below in the middle, at the edge of the icon, there is a hatchment split into two by a gold vertical line. There are two stars in the upper part of the hatchment and the initials PBP in the lower part. The icon is the work of an Italian-Crete master of the second quarter of the 16th century. An inscription was discovered in its right lower corner after the 1966 restoration: DONATV[S] BIZA[MANVS] PIN[XIT], which enabled its attribution to Angelos Bizamanos, who worked for some time (1518 – 1519) in Dubrovnik.

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