Well &Gallery

The Gallery above the Arcades

The porch above the south arcade was built by Radoslav Lučić and Radoslav Ratković, from 1520 to 1522. It has six pillars and seven wide arches. Its width and balanced proportions reveal pure Renaissance style. It was walled up in the aftermath of the French occupation to house books transferred from the library in the north wing. In the south corner above the porch, there remains only the beginning of the wide balustrade of slabs with a rosette in the middle and an inscription along the edge which should have stretched above the entire length of the porch. A small balcony has been preserved, protected from the sun and scorching heat, and from which one can enter the terrace. There is also the beginning of an inscription: MDXXII. TE DEVM LAVDAMVS TE DOMINVM CO(NFITEMVR). If the balustrade had been completed, it would have been one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance stonemasonry in Dubrovnik

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