Bell Tower

The Bells

The bell tower used to have four bells of different sizes and sounds. Today, there are only two that call people for prayers and services. The first has a radius of 95 cm and was made in 1458 by Bartol of Cremona. It is very plain: there are no decorations or inscriptions apart from the year of its making – MCCCCLVIII. An eminent sculptor and bell smelter, John the Baptist Rabljanin (de Tollis), made the second bell in 1516 in Dubrovnik. It is decorated with Renaissance flower embellishment and the figures of St. Dominic and St. Thomas Aquinas in bas-relief. It has a radius of 100 cm and weighs one ton. The bell is also decorated with pictures of eagles with stretched wings and flower motifs. There is an inscription on it: CANITE TVBA IN SION. VOCATE CETVM. CONGREGATE POPVLUM. COADUNATE SENES. CONGREGATE PARVULOS ET SUGENTES UBERA. A. S. MDXVI. RAGUXAE. OPUS BAPTISTAE. (Ilija Lampridije Crijević 1463. – 1520.)

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