Monastery today

Dubrovnik monastery of St. Dominic is still home of Dominican priests and novices

There are several Dominican priests and nuns living and working in the Dominican monastery in Dubrovnik, and every year new novices join. Dominicans in Croatia operate in Dubrovnik, Korcula, Bol, Starigrad, Split, Rijeka and Zagreb. One way to approach the Dominican Order is to enter the seminary, followed by a one-year novitiate. After the end of the novitiate, during which the novices are more fully acquainted with the Dominican order, spirituality and other essential elements of the Dominican vocation hey continue studying theology at the Catholic Faculty of Theology. Another way is that pupils interested in the Dominican order come after completing a four-year high school and enrol to the Faculty. Here as well, the novitiate, followed by a philosophical-theological study is what comes next. For more information on the daily life of the Dominican monastery in Dubrovnik, visit

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